Introducing the Kvants Team originating in Investment Banking

The team behind Kvants is approaching Web3 from a traditional quantitative hedge fund background, with the Co-Founder of Kvants having worked at CitiGroup, where he developed a systematic market-neutral strategy for equities, which has managed $1.4B in AUM. Having developed the entire algorithm infrastructure in 2019, when the cryptocurrency market signalled a strong fundamental baseline for volume accompanied by volatility. The benefit of owning the IP for the algo, it has been restructured to perform on digital assets. Achieving an increased return due to the algorithm's ability to harness market volatility.
The algorithm has since been refined, offering twelve variants to meet different institutional investors' risk appetites; it was launched on investor-managed accounts in January 2021 and has been averaging a CAGR of 70% since inception. The whole Kvants team comprises investment bankers, analysts, and quants from CitiGroup, JP Morgan, and EY. Additionally, crypto veterans come from a Web3 venture capital background.
With the increased appetite for alternative investment strategies within the digital asset industry, Kvants has come to inception to provide a transparent way to offer investors from both trades and DeFi backgrounds a platform for viewing the available quant strategies in a fragmented market. Kvants serves as the middleman between institutional-grade investment strategies and the everyday investor.